How to change ebike tire?

September 07, 2023

Switch to High Gear

While changing your tire on the rear wheel, you should switch to high gear to avoid contact between the hub motor and the chain.

Position Your Electric Bike

First, place a sheet under your e-bike to protect it from scratches. Then rest your bike on a stand if you have one. If you don't have it, your saddle and handlebars will come in handy, and you only have to turn your bike upside down. If you use the handlebars and saddle to support the bike, remove your handlebar consoles to avoid damaging them. 

Time to Disconnect the Motor Cable

If your electric bike has a motor hub, a cable always connects it to the battery. The location can vary depending on e-bike models, but it is usually along the chainstays. Once you discover where the cable is, disconnect at the motor, battery, or halfway between.

Taking the Wheel Out 

To take out the wheel, you should follow these steps:

- Use quick-release skewers to flip the handle and unscrew it. Afterward, check if axle bolts are attached to nuts, and remove the bolt if they exist.

- Remember to peel back any rubber nut coverings. Then, use a spanner to remove the nut.

- While unscrewing the axle, ensure you hold the other side with a spanner.

- Also, if your e-bike has a frame inset function, this function is an oblong cut-out that provides various possibilities for placing the wheel with the frame. Then, mark the axle's position before you release it.

- When you set the wheel again, ensure it is fitted in the same position initially.

- Take note of the orientation of washers if available.

- Check if your electric bike's outward-facing side differs from the inward-facing side. It is essential to fit tires correctly when you reinstall the wheel. 

Lift the Wheel Out

You should be able to remove the wheel from the frame, provided you have unlocked the axle nuts and removed the bolt. Afterward, you can apply more pressure on the jockey wheels to create space for the tire to come out, avoiding the chain catching on the cassette.

Out with the Old, in with the New

Now that the wheel is off, the process becomes like a regular tire. Firstly, use a plastic or silicone tire lever to remove the rubber from the rim. You can also replace the inner tube once you remove the tire from the wheel. 

The following process is to fix the new tire, which you can do by reversing the removal process. Furthermore, it would help if you placed the tire's bead in the groove of the rim to fit the new tire effortlessly. Then use your hands or the tie levers to pull the tire over the rim's side so it can sit comfortably. Next, connect a pump to the inner tube valve and inflate the tire. While doing this, the tire should move to the edge of the rim. Finally, the wheels are ready for replacement. Place the wheels in the dropouts or frame inset and extent the rear derailleur to make installation easier. Then tighten the bolts after replacing the wheels.


Additional Tips for Changing a Tire on Your Electric Bike

1. You should ensure to have a spare tire.

2. Constantly check the tire's maximum and minimum supported pressures. You can find this information on the side wall.

3. Always apply a pump with a pressure gauge to adjust the tire pressure based on your weight, bike, model, and riding requirements.

4. Always ensure that no sharp objects are held in the inner tube before you fix a new tire.

5. Ensure adequate rim tape inside your rim before fitting a new tire.


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