EcoPower Precision: Unveiling the MANTIS-P6 - A 1000-Watt Electric Bike Marvel

December 26, 2023

MANTIS-P6 is a groundbreaking 1000-watt electric bike that redefines the limits of cycling. Designed for the modern adventurer, this Long Range 20 Inch *4 Fat Tire Pedal Assist Ebike combines innovation and power for an unparalleled riding experience. The robust 1000W motor propels the MANTIS-P6, effortlessly conquering diverse terrains. With its distinctive 20-inch *4 fat tires, this electric bike ensures stability and control, making it an ideal choice for both urban commuting and off-road exploration. The pedal-assist feature seamlessly integrates human effort with the bike's power, providing an eco-friendly and efficient mode of transportation. Join the revolution of electric biking with the MANTIS-P6 – where power, range, and adaptability converge for a thrilling and sustainable ride.

Unlocking Excellence: Key Features of the MANTIS-P6 1000-Watt Electric Bike

1000-watt power: Unleashing superior performance

1000W High-efficiency Motor, More Lasting: Experience unmatched endurance with the MANTIS-P6's high-efficiency motor, enabling high-speed rides and effortless cruising in assist mode.

Super Large Torque for Uphill Riding: Conquer uphill challenges with ease, thanks to the super-large torque providing robust power support. Navigate gravel or city roads without fatigue, showcasing energy savings for all terrains. Max Torque: 92N.m. Climbing Angle: 25-35°.

Precision engineering: Cutting-edge technology integration

Dual Suspension System: Enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride with the dual suspension system, minimizing the impact of uneven surfaces for enhanced stability.

Dual Braking System: Ensure optimal safety with the dual braking system, offering precise control and responsiveness for a secure riding experience.

Eco-friendly commuting: Sustainable transportation option

Embrace sustainable travel with the MANTIS-P6, designed for eco-friendly commuting. This electric bike not only reduces your carbon footprint but also offers an efficient and green mode of transportation, aligning with modern environmental values. Ride with confidence, knowing you're making a positive impact on the planet.

Design and Build

Sleek and ergonomic design

Oversized Saddle for Comfort: The MANTIS-P6 boasts an oversized saddle, providing a larger contact surface for a supremely comfortable riding experience. Whether commuting through the city or exploring off-road terrain, the ergonomic design ensures optimal comfort during every journey.

Durable construction for long-lasting performance

Super Stable Kickstand: Elevate your parking experience with the MANTIS-P6's super stable kickstand. Crafted from high-quality materials, the kickstand features a larger contact surface at the landing point, enhancing stability and making parking hassle-free. This durable construction ensures long-lasting performance, even in varied environmental conditions.

User-friendly features

Multiple Anti-theft Functions: Prioritizing security, the 1000-watt electric bike MANTIS-P6 incorporates multiple anti-theft features. With electronic locks in three strategic locations, this electric bike offers comprehensive protection, providing peace of mind for riders. Say goodbye to worries about the safety of your ebike, as the MANTIS-P6 combines convenience with advanced security measures for a user-friendly and secure riding experience.


Riding the Power Wave

Speed and acceleration capabilities

Geared Motor 750w Hub Motor: Experience dynamic speed and acceleration with the MANTIS-P6's geared 750W hub motor. This powerful motor propels the bike efficiently, ensuring a thrilling and responsive riding experience.

34.2 Mph Max Speed: Reach exhilarating speeds of up to 34.2 mph, delivering an exciting and fast-paced journey for riders seeking high-performance capabilities.

40.4 Miles Range: The MANTIS-P6's exceptional range of 40.4 miles allows for extended rides, making it an ideal choice for both short commutes and long-distance adventures.

Range and battery efficiency

48V 20.4Ah Battery: Powering the MANTIS-P6 is a robust 48V 20.4Ah battery, providing exceptional energy efficiency and long-lasting performance. This high-capacity battery ensures a reliable and sustained power supply, offering riders the freedom to explore without worrying about running out of charge.

Adaptability to various terrains

204.0” Fat Tire:* Conquer diverse terrains with the MANTIS-P6's 20*4.0" fat tire design. These wide-fat tires enhance grip and traction, ensuring stability and control on challenging surfaces. Whether navigating through rough trails or city streets, the fat tires contribute to an easy and smooth riding experience. The MANTIS-P6's adaptability makes it a versatile electric bike capable of handling any terrain with confidence.

Crafting Unforgettable Journeys with the MANTIS-P6

Comfort and ergonomics

Pedal Assist Intelligent: Elevate your riding experience with the MANTIS-P6's Pedal Assist Intelligence. With the motor seamlessly assisting the rider during pedaling, it enhances the overall comfort of the journey. The intelligent pedal assist system ensures a smoother and more enjoyable ride, making each cycling session a pleasant experience.

User interface and controls

LCD Display: Stay informed and in control with the MANTIS-P6's user-friendly LCD. The intuitive interface provides essential information at a glance, including speed, battery level, and assist mode. Easily navigate through settings and monitor your ride in real-time, enhancing the overall user interface for a more connected and convenient cycling experience.

Integration of smart features

The MANTIS-P6 goes beyond conventional biking with its integration of smart features. Experience a seamless blend of technology and cycling as the electric bike incorporates intelligent functionalities. From electronic locks to advanced anti-theft measures, the MANTIS-P6 ensures a secure and technologically enhanced riding experience. Embrace the future of cycling with an electric bike that not only prioritizes performance but also integrates smart features for a truly innovative and connected journey.

Power Up Your Ride: Embrace the Future of Biking with MANTIS-P6!

MANTIS-P6 emerges as a true marvel in the realm of electric biking, embodying the essence of EcoPower Precision. With its formidable 1000-watt motor, the bike delivers unparalleled performance, effortlessly conquering diverse terrains with a top speed of 34.2 mph and an impressive range of 40.4 miles. Its sleek and ergonomic design, durable construction, and user-friendly features underscore a commitment to rider comfort and convenience. The integration of cutting-edge technology, including a smart pedal-assist system and an LCD, elevates the riding experience to new heights. The MANTIS-P6's adaptability to various terrains, courtesy of its 20*4.0" fat tires, ensures a smooth journey on any path. Ultimately, this electric bike not only revolutionizes traditional cycling but also champions eco-friendly commuting, marking a significant stride towards sustainable transportation. Unveil the future of biking with the MANTIS-P6 – where power, precision, and sustainability converge for an electrifying ride.

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