Lightning Ride: The Electric E-Bike LIGHT-P4

October 24, 2023

In the midst of the electric e-bike revolution, PXID is delighted to introduce the LIGHT-P4, an advanced electric bicycle that encapsulates the forefront of technology, design, and performance. The LIGHT-P4 stands as a remarkable stride in the realm of e-bikes, offering an unmatched riding experience catering to both urban commuters and adventure aficionados.


Driven by a steadfast dedication to innovation and sustainability, PXID has meticulously crafted the LIGHT-P4 to establish fresh benchmarks in e-bike excellence.

Design and Aesthetics

Sleek and modern design

Framework and materials:

The LIGHT-P4 boasts a sleek and contemporary design that captures the essence of modern urban mobility. Crafted with precision, its frame is constructed using a Magnesium alloy integrated die-casting process, AM60B aviation-grade magnesium alloy is an ultra-light material. It is higher in strength and resistant to shock and corrosion. That not only ensures durability but also contributes to its elegant appearance.

Color options and customization:

To cater to individual tastes, the LIGHT-P4 offers dark grey and white for stylish color options. Whether you prefer a classic, understated look or a bold, vibrant statement, there's a color choice to suit your personality. 

Compact and portable build

Foldable feature and storage:

One of the LIGHT-P4's standout features is its foldable design. This innovative aspect makes it exceptionally convenient for urban commuters with limited storage space. With a simple folding mechanism, the bike transforms into a compact form that can easily fit into tight spaces, such as closets, small apartments, or the trunk of a car. This portability ensures that riders can seamlessly integrate the e-bike into their daily routines, even in space-constrained environments.

Weight and dimensions:

The LIGHT-P4 is designed with the utmost consideration for portability. Its lightweight construction 264lb not only makes it effortless to carry when needed but also aids in maneuverability during rides. Its compact dimensions ensure that it can navigate through crowded urban streets with ease, allowing riders to swiftly weave through traffic and reach their destinations efficiently. The e-bike's dimensions strike a harmonious balance between a compact form factor and comfortable ergonomics, ensuring riders enjoy a comfortable and nimble riding experience.

Technical Specifications

Power and Battery

Battery Life and Range:

The LIGHT-P4 is equipped with a Quick Removable Battery, available in two capacities - 36V 10.4Ah and 36V 14Ah, featuring high-quality LG/Samsung battery cells and a Battery Management System for stable performance and extended lifespan. This ensures a safer and more reliable ride, offering an impressive battery life and range. Riders can embark on extended journeys, covering substantial distances of up to 34.2 miles on a single charge, without concerns of running out of power.

Time to Fully Charge:

Charging the LIGHT-P4's battery is exceptionally swift thanks to its rapid-charging technology. This quick charging feature minimizes downtime, allowing riders to get back on the road promptly. It's an ideal choice for daily commuters seeking efficiency.

Removable and Replaceable Battery Feature:

For added convenience, the LIGHT-P4 incorporates a user-friendly removable and replaceable battery design. This innovation enables riders to effortlessly swap out depleted batteries for fully charged ones, prolonging their riding experience without the need for lengthy recharging periods. Additionally, it simplifies maintenance and guarantees the e-bike's continued operation over the years.

Motor Efficiency

Top Speed and Acceleration:

The LIGHT-P4 boasts an impressive 250W hub motor, delivering remarkable top speeds and swift acceleration. Whether navigating bustling city streets or conquering challenging terrains, riders can rely on this e-bike for dynamic performance and responsive handling.

Motor Wattage and Performance:

With a potent motor generating substantial wattage, the LIGHT-P4 provides riders with abundant power for conquering uphill climbs and achieving high-speed cruising. Its motor is engineered for efficiency and reliability, ensuring a consistent and enjoyable riding experience.

Quiet and Smooth Operation:

Despite its robust performance, the motor operates with minimal noise, guaranteeing a smooth and quiet ride. This not only enhances the overall riding experience but also contributes to a serene urban environment by minimizing noise pollution.

Safety Features

SHIMANO 7-speed Shifter:

The LIGHT-P4 is equipped with a SHIMANO 7-speed shifter, ensuring stable performance on all terrains and in various road conditions. This shifter facilitates fast and reliable gear changes, meeting the needs of both casual and professional riders.

Lights and Indicators:

To enhance safety, the e-bike features a taillight, ensuring that riders remain visible in low-light conditions and comply with safety regulations. This contributes to overall road safety.

Traction and Tire Design:

The LIGHT-P4's tire design is meticulously optimized for superior traction and stability. This ensures riders maintain a secure grip on the road, especially when navigating wet or uneven surfaces, providing increased confidence and safety during rides.

Control Panel & Connectivity

Display and Indicators:

The e-bike's upgraded LED display features an intuitive interface with clear indicators. This allows riders to monitor crucial information such as speed and battery life at a glance, enhancing the overall riding experience.

With these exceptional technical specifications, the LIGHT-P4 is poised to redefine the e-bike experience, offering power, efficiency, safety, and connectivity within a single, impressive package.

Riding Experience

Comfort and Ergonomics

Seat Design and Adjustability:

When it comes to rider comfort, the electric e-bike LIGHT-P4 takes it seriously. Its seat features an ergonomic design coupled with ample cushioning, ensuring a comfortable and fatigue-free riding experience. What's more, the seat is fully adjustable, allowing riders to effortlessly find their preferred riding position. Whether you favor an upright posture for leisurely rides or a more aerodynamic stance for speed, the LIGHT-P4 caters to your comfort.


Handlebar Design and Positioning:

The e-bike's handlebar design mirrors the same commitment to ergonomics. It provides riders with a natural grip that minimizes strain on wrists and shoulders. The handlebars' positioning encourages a comfortable and relaxed riding posture, elevating the overall enjoyment of your journey.

Performance in Different Terrains

Urban vs. Rural Rides:

The LIGHT-P4 thrives in both urban and rural landscapes. In bustling urban settings, it deftly navigates congested streets, enabling riders to effortlessly weave through traffic. Its compact dimensions and agile handling make it the ideal choice for city commutes. When the path leads to rural or off-road terrains, the e-bike's robust motor and tire design, optimized for traction, ensure impressive performance across diverse landscapes.

Uphill and Downhill Capabilities:

Whether facing steep uphill ascents or relishing thrilling downhill descents, the LIGHT-P4 showcases remarkable capabilities. Its potent motor provides invaluable assistance during challenging climbs, reducing rider effort and enhancing efficiency. Moreover, the bike's responsive brakes offer precise control during descents, bolstering safety and enjoyment on downhill journeys.

Weather Adaptability

Rain and Water Resistance:

Engineered with water-resistant components and seals, the LIGHT-P4 confidently takes on rainy conditions without compromising its performance or safety. Riders can traverse wet streets with assurance, knowing that this e-bike is designed to endure exposure to moisture.

Performance in Cold and Hot Climates:

From icy winter trails to scorching summer rides, the LIGHT-P4 maintains peak performance across a broad range of temperatures. Its battery management system is meticulously designed to function efficiently in both cold and hot climates, ensuring consistent power delivery. Regardless of the weather conditions you encounter, you can trust the e-bike to perform reliably.

The LIGHT-P4 promises a riding experience that prioritizes comfort, versatility, and adaptability, meeting the demands of various preferences and environments. In the following section, we will explore the additional user-friendly features and benefits that make the LIGHT-P4 a standout choice for e-bike enthusiasts.

Environmental Impact & Sustainability

Carbon Footprint Compared to Traditional Vehicles

The LIGHT-P4 exemplifies sustainability by significantly reducing the carbon footprint when compared to traditional vehicles. With its electric motor, the e-bike produces zero tailpipe emissions, contributing to cleaner air quality and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. This eco-friendly mode of transportation helps mitigate the environmental impact associated with fossil fuel-powered vehicles, making it a responsible choice for conscientious commuters.

Use of Sustainable Materials in Production

PXID places a strong emphasis on sustainability in the production of the LIGHT-P4. The e-bike is crafted using sustainable materials and manufacturing processes. From the frame to the components, eco-friendly materials are prioritized, minimizing the environmental impact associated with their production. This commitment to sustainability ensures that the LIGHT-P4 aligns with responsible consumption and production practices.

Recycling and Disposal of Old Batteries

PXID takes responsibility for the lifecycle of its e-bike batteries. When it comes time to replace or dispose of old batteries, PXID facilitates recycling programs to ensure that these components are managed in an environmentally responsible manner. By recycling old batteries, the LIGHT-P4 minimizes hazardous waste and contributes to a more sustainable and circular economy.

Contribution to Reducing Urban Traffic Congestion

Beyond its environmental benefits, the LIGHT-P4 plays a vital role in reducing urban traffic congestion. By providing an efficient and agile mode of transportation for city dwellers, it helps alleviate the strain on road infrastructure. As more individuals adopt e-bikes for their daily commutes, there is a tangible reduction in the number of vehicles on the road, easing traffic congestion, and resulting in smoother and more sustainable urban mobility.


In a contemporary landscape where prioritizing eco-conscious decisions and efficient transportation is of utmost importance, the electric e-bike LIGHT-P4 emerges as an emblem of advancement. Lightning Ride's unwavering dedication to both excellence and sustainability permeates every facet of this cutting-edge e-bike. 

For riders in search of a more environmentally friendly and enjoyable commuting experience, as well as a conscientious approach to urban navigation, the LIGHT-P4 shines as a guiding light of innovation and environmental stewardship. We extend a warm invitation for you to be part of the e-bike revolution and embrace the future of urban mobility with the LIGHT-P4.

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