MANTIS-P6: The Ultimate Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bike

February 22, 2024

The MANTIS-P6 embodies an innovative blend of advanced technology and rugged construction, elevating off-road exploration to new heights. Equipped with an extensive range and durable 20-inch * 4 fat tires, this pedal-assist e-bike effortlessly conquers diverse terrain. Its full suspension system ensures a comfortable journey, even on the most demanding trails. Highlighted features include a potent electric powertrain for speed and stamina and a resilient frame tailored for mountain biking's demands. Whether scaling steep slopes or surmounting obstacles, the MANTIS-P6 guarantees exceptional performance and dependability, catering to adventurers searching for untamed excitement.

Frame and Suspension

Description of the full suspension system

The MANTIS-P6 boasts a dual suspension system, providing unmatched comfort and control on every ride. This advanced system absorbs shocks and vibrations, ensuring a smooth and stable experience across varied terrain. The dual braking system also offers enhanced safety and precision, allowing riders to navigate challenging landscapes confidently.

Material and construction details

Crafted with high-strength forged parts and professional cycling design principles, the frame of the MANTIS-P6 is engineered for durability and performance. Constructed from upgraded 6061 aluminum, it perfectly balances strength and weight, enabling agile maneuverability without compromising toughness. With a generous payload capacity of 330 lbs, riders can confidently tackle rugged trails while enjoying a riding position reminiscent of a motorcycle. The frame also supports full-throttle mode, providing riders with exhilarating bursts of speed when needed.

Electric Power

Powertrain specifications

The MANTIS-P6 has a high-efficiency 1000W motor, ensuring lasting performance and effortless cruising in assist mode. This powerful motor allows for high speeds and smooth acceleration, enhancing the riding experience.

Battery capacity and range

Featuring a 48V 1000W battery, the MANTIS-P6 delivers exceptional power and range for extended rides. With super-large torque capabilities, riders can conquer steep inclines with ease without feeling fatigued. The impressive max torque of 92N.m ensures ample power support across various terrains, whether navigating gravel roads or city streets. Additionally, the MANTIS-P6 offers a climbing angle of 25-35°, further enhancing its versatility and performance on challenging routes.


Handling and maneuverability on various terrains

The MANTIS-P6 features 20*4.0" FAT TIRES, offering superior grip and traction on challenging terrain. These fat tires ensure stability and control, providing riders with a smooth and effortless riding experience across various landscapes. Whether traversing rocky trails or sandy paths, the MANTIS-P6 delivers exceptional handling and maneuverability, allowing riders to explore new terrains confidently.

Speed capabilities and acceleration

The MANTIS-P6 boasts impressive speed capabilities and rapid acceleration thanks to its powerful electric powertrain. With a 1000W high-efficiency motor, riders can reach high speeds and cruise effortlessly in assist mode. Whether navigating straightaways or tackling inclines, the MANTIS-P6 offers exhilarating performance and responsive acceleration, ensuring an exciting and dynamic riding experience for adventurers of all skill levels.

Comfort and Ergonomics

Enhanced Saddle and Handlebar Design

The MANTIS-P6 premiums rider comfort through its meticulously crafted saddle and handlebar setup. With a compact and elegant thumb throttle, riders can maintain precise control even on rugged terrain. The generous saddle provides ample contact area for a plush riding experience, ideal for extended journeys. Moreover, the kickstand's high-quality construction and expanded landing point ensure effortless and stable parking, adding to the bike's convenience and rider comfort.

Tailored Adjustability for Personalized Comfort

Designed to accommodate diverse preferences and riding styles, the MANTIS-P6 incorporates adjustable components for a customized fit. From saddle height to handlebar positioning, riders can tailor the bike to their specifications. Whether seeking a relaxed upright posture or a more aggressive stance, the MANTIS-P6 offers adaptability to match individual needs. This personalized setup enhances comfort and boosts control, enabling riders to embark on extended adventures with ease and confidence.

Safety Features

Advanced Braking System

The MANTIS-P6 has a reliable braking system to ensure optimal safety in various riding conditions. With responsive brakes, riders can confidently control their speed and halt quickly when needed, providing peace of mind on challenging trails and busy roads.

Enhanced Lighting and Visibility

Taillight: When engaging the brakes, the MANTIS-P6's taillight flashes to alert passengers and vehicles behind, enhancing overall visibility and safety, especially during low-light conditions or nighttime rides.

Headlight: Featuring bright LED headlights, the MANTIS-P6 illuminates the path ahead, improving visibility and making riding more convenient and safer. Whether navigating dark trails or city streets, the powerful headlights ensure riders can see and be seen, reducing the risk of accidents and enhancing the overall riding experience. 

Technology Integration

Personalized Enhancement with Accessories and Add-ons

Tailor your MANTIS-P6 to your exact specifications with its adaptable compatibility with a diverse array of accessories and add-ons. Whether you seek additional storage with racks, heightened visibility with mounted lights, or convenience with a smartphone holder, you have the freedom to customize your e-bike to match your lifestyle and preferences seamlessly.

Enhanced Security through Electronic Locks

Experience unparalleled peace of mind with the MANTIS-P6's incorporation of electronic locks in three strategic locations, providing robust anti-theft protection. With this sophisticated security feature safeguarding your e-bike, you can confidently leave it parked on the street or stored at home, knowing it is protected against theft. Bid farewell to concerns about security and embrace worry-free rides aboard the MANTIS-P6.

Ride the MANTIS-P6, the Ultimate Off-Road Companion!

The MANTIS-P6 sets the gold standard for full-suspension electric mountain bikes, pushing the boundaries of off-road exploration. Boasting cutting-edge technology, rugged design, and unmatched performance, it excels in conquering diverse terrains with ease. From its sturdy frame and advanced suspension to its potent electric powertrain and customizable features, the MANTIS-P6 is tailor-made for adventure. Smart features, extensive accessory compatibility, and robust security measures further enhance the riding experience, ensuring both excitement and safety. For thrill-seekers venturing beyond conventional trails, the MANTIS-P6 stands out as the ultimate choice, offering boundless adventures and unforgettable journeys in the great outdoors. Embark on the pinnacle of off-road prowess with the MANTIS-P6, where innovation intertwines with adventure, making every ride an indelible experience.

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