The LIGHT-P2 Electric Bike for Adults

June 28, 2024

The LIGHT-P2 Electric Bike stands out as a state-of-the-art 16-inch lightweight folding commuter bike tailored for urban living. Offering a blend of portability and performance, it appeals to daily commuters seeking a hassle-free and environmentally conscious mode of transportation. Its effortless folding mechanism enables convenient storage in tight quarters, like beneath a desk or in a car trunk. Powered by a durable battery and a high-performance motor, the LIGHT-P2 delivers a seamless and potent riding experience, suitable for riders of all levels. With its sleek design and advanced functionalities, it emerges as the preferred option for effortlessly navigating city streets with sophistication and ease.

Overview of the LIGHT-P2 Electric Bike

Key Features

  • Lightweight Frame

The LIGHT-P2 is constructed using a high-strength frame featuring magnesium alloy integrated die-casting, utilizing AM60B aviation-grade magnesium. This material not only provides exceptional lightness, being 70% lighter than steel and 35% lighter than aluminum alloy, but also offers increased strength, shock resistance, and corrosion protection.

  • Powerful Electric Motor

Equipped with a 250W brushless 'HT' motor, this bike offers stable and efficient performance with a 40NM output. It is not only more durable and lighter than traditional motors but also energy-efficient, making it perfect for city commutes.

  • Long-lasting Battery

The bike includes a quickly removable high-quality LG/Samsung battery paired with a Battery Management System, ensuring stable performance and extended lifespan. This setup delivers an impressive range of up to 60 miles per charge with a battery capacity of 378Wh, and a maximum speed of 15.5 Mph.

  • Comfortable Riding Experience

The LIGHT-P2 is designed to maximize rider comfort, making it suitable for extended rides and varying urban terrains.

  • Safety Features
  • Pedal Assist Intelligence: Enhances the riding experience by smoothly integrating motor power with pedaling action.
  • Quick Folding Frame and Folding Latch: The bike's frame can be easily folded, reducing its space requirement by half, making it ideal for storage in car trunks or carrying on public transportation. The folding latch is user-friendly, secure, and built to last.


Target Audience

  • Adults Seeking an Eco-Friendly Commuting Option: Ideal for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint without sacrificing convenience.
  • Fitness Enthusiasts Looking for a Versatile Bike: Appeals to individuals who want a bike that supports both commuting and fitness needs.
  • Urban Commuters: Perfect for riders navigating the urban landscape looking for a reliable, efficient, and stylish commuting option.

Benefits of Electric Bikes in General

Electric bikes offer a multitude of advantages over traditional bicycles and motor vehicles, including:

  • Environmental Impact: E-bikes provide a green alternative by reducing fossil fuel consumption and carbon emissions.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: They offer a more affordable option compared to cars when considering fuel costs and maintenance.
  • Health Benefits: Riding an e-bike involves physical exercise, promoting cardiovascular health and fitness.
  • Accessibility: Electric assist makes cycling accessible to people of varying fitness levels, helping more individuals enjoy cycling, whether tackling hills or long distances.
  • Urban Mobility: E-bikes are adept at navigating city traffic and can often take advantage of cycling paths and lanes, avoiding congestion and reducing travel time.

The LIGHT-P2 Electric Bike is more than just a means of transport; it's an investment in your health, your finances, and the planet.

Comparison with Competitors

Comparison Chart Highlighting Key Features

Advantages of LIGHT-P2 Over Competitors

The LIGHT-P2 Electric Bike offers several advantages over its competitors, including:

  • Superior Frame Material: Uses lightweight and durable magnesium alloy, offering better strength and corrosion resistance compared to the aluminum and steel used by competitors.
  • More Powerful Motor: Features a more efficient 250W 'HT' brushless motor, providing higher torque and better energy efficiency.
  • Greater Battery Capacity and Range: Boasts a higher capacity battery, enabling longer rides up to 60 miles on a single charge, surpassing both competitors.
  • Enhanced Safety Features: Includes advanced pedal assist technology, improving both the safety and the ease of riding compared to the basic or absent features in competitors.
  • Ease of Storage: The quick folding frame makes it highly portable and easy to store, an advantage in urban environments, especially where space is a premium.

Unique Selling Points

The LIGHT-P2 stands out in the e-bike market with its:

  • Aviation-Grade Magnesium Alloy Frame: This not only reduces the bike's weight but also enhances its durability and shock absorption capabilities.
  • High-Performance Motor and Extended Range: Ensures powerful support for longer commutes, making it ideal for serious urban commuters.
  • Innovative Safety and Comfort Features: From its intelligent pedal assist to the ergonomic design, every aspect is tailored for an enjoyable and safe riding experience.
  • Compact and User-Friendly Folding Design: Allows for effortless transition between riding and storage, perfect for the modern urbanite.

The LIGHT-P2 is designed to deliver performance, convenience, and safety, setting a new standard in the folding e-bike market.


Customer Testimonials

Quotes from Satisfied Customers

Emily R. - "The LIGHT-P2 Electric Bike has transformed my daily commute! It's so lightweight and easy to fold, I can take it anywhere with ease. Plus, the ride is incredibly smooth and efficient."


Mark T. - "I've been using the LIGHT-P2 for my weekend adventures around the city, and it's been nothing short of fantastic. The battery life is impressive, and it handles hills like a champ!"


Susan W. - "As someone who was looking for an eco-friendly alternative to driving, the LIGHT-P2 has been a game changer. It's quick, nimble, and the pedal assist is a great feature that really helps on longer rides."


Positive Reviews and Feedback

  • Highly Rated for Commuting:

"Numerous reviewers have noted the LIGHT-P2 as their top pick for urban commuting, praising its lightweight frame and powerful motor that makes navigating city streets a breeze."

  • Exceptional Battery Performance:

"Users frequently highlight the long-lasting battery, emphasizing how it comfortably gets them through their daily activities without needing a mid-day charge."

  • Safety and Comfort:

"The safety features, including the advanced pedal assist, have been particularly well-received, with many customers feeling more confident and secure while riding."

  • Versatility and Portability:

"The quick fold mechanism has received accolades for its convenience, allowing users to easily store the bike in small spaces or take it on public transport, making it an excellent


Pricing and Availability

Pricing Options

The LIGHT-P2 Electric Bike is available for purchase at a price of $1,650.00.

Where to Purchase

  • The LIGHT-P2 can be purchased directly through the official PXID website.
  • Available at select authorized retail partners both in-store and online.
  • Look for our bike at specialized e-bike and outdoor recreational equipment stores.

Warranty Information

  • All PXID bikes, including the LIGHT-P2, come with a comprehensive 2-year manufacturer's warranty. This warranty covers the original owner against all manufacturing defects.
  • Please note that free accessories provided with the bike are not included under the warranty service.

Redefine Your Commute with the LIGHT-P2 for Urban Cycling!

The LIGHT-P2 Electric Bike for Adults sets a new standard in urban commuting. Boasting an innovative design featuring a lightweight magnesium alloy frame and a potent electric motor, it delivers unmatched performance and convenience. Its durable battery extends ride range, while the quick folding mechanism enhances portability, catering to active lifestyles and space constraints. With a competitive price and a dependable two-year warranty, the LIGHT-P2 transcends mere transportation; it represents an investment in sustainability, efficiency, and joy. Whether navigating city streets or leisurely riding, the LIGHT-P2 Electric Bike elevates your cycling experience to new heights.

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