What Are the 3 Types of E-bikes?

November 28, 2023

E-bikes, or electric bicycles, represent a revolutionary form of personal transportation. They are traditional bicycles equipped with electric motors, offering riders pedal-assist or full-throttle options for added speed and convenience. As cities become more congested, and environmental concerns grow, E-bikes provide a sustainable and efficient solution. What are the 3 types of e-bikes? Let’s dive into the world of E-bikes!

Pedal-Assist E-Bikes (Pedelecs)


Pedal-assist e-bikes, colloquially known as Pedelecs, are electric bicycles engineered to enhance a rider's pedaling efforts. These e-bikes closely resemble traditional bicycles but come equipped with an integrated electric motor.

Operation via Pedal Motion Sensors

Pedelecs feature sophisticated sensors that keenly monitor the rider's pedaling motions. As the rider pedals, the electric motor seamlessly delivers support, resulting in more efficient and effortless cycling. Furthermore, these e-bikes often offer adjustable assistance levels, catering to the rider's specific preferences.

Automatic Assistance Cut-off at Predetermined Speeds

A distinctive characteristic of Pedelecs is their automatic assistance cut-off mechanism. Once the e-bike attains a predetermined speed, typically around 20 mph (32 km/h), the motor's aid ceases. This feature adheres to local regulations, ensuring a harmonious balance between motorized and conventional cycling.

Popular Applications and Advantages

Pedelecs are celebrated for their versatility, finding favor in a range of scenarios, such as daily commuting, leisurely rides, and fitness endeavors. Their chief advantage lies in preserving the authentic cycling experience while bolstering it with supplementary support. Pedelec riders can effortlessly conquer extended distances, conquer challenging terrains, and navigate headwinds. Furthermore, these e-bikes promote eco-friendliness and an active lifestyle, rendering them a flexible and sustainable transportation alternative.

Throttle-Controlled E-Bikes


Distinct within the realm of electric bicycles, throttle-controlled e-bikes bear a strong resemblance to conventional bikes but are distinguished by their unique control system for the incorporated electric motor.

Throttle Operation for Motor Engagement

These e-bikes function through a throttle mechanism, enabling riders to activate the electric motor without the continuous requirement of pedaling. By simply adjusting the throttle—either through twisting or pressing—a rider can regulate the level of motor assistance received.

Speed Control

Throttle-controlled e-bikes offer uncomplicated speed control. Similar to the operation of motorized scooters or motorcycles, riders have the freedom to accelerate or decelerate as desired. The e-bike's velocity is predominantly guided by the rider's manipulation of the throttle.

Suitable Riders and Common Applications

Well-suited for individuals seeking ease or those with limited mobility, throttle-controlled e-bikes are commonly employed in leisurely rides, short-distance commuting, and scenarios where riders desire motorized support without exerting extensive physical effort. Moreover, these e-bikes are beneficial for maintaining a consistent speed without continuous pedaling, making them especially sought-after for relaxed outings and urban transportation.

Speed Pedelecs (S-Pedelecs)


S-Pedelecs, short for Speed Pedelecs, constitute a distinct segment among electric bicycles. Although resembling conventional e-bikes in structure, they're purposefully crafted to deliver heightened speed and superior performance.

Higher Speed Capabilities

S-Pedelecs differentiate themselves by providing significant pedal-assist support at notably higher speeds compared to regular pedal-assist e-bikes. Typically achieving speeds of 28 mph (45 km/h) or beyond, these capabilities vary based on models and regional regulations.

Distinction from Regular Pedal-Assist E-Bikes

The key divergence between S-Pedelecs and standard pedal-assist e-bikes lies in their speed potential. Unlike regular e-bikes that limit assistance at approximately 20 mph (32 km/h), S-Pedelecs extend their support to higher speeds, catering to longer commutes and swift cycling experiences.

Regulations and Additional Requirements

S-Pedelecs face specific regulatory scrutiny in many regions due to their accelerated speed capabilities. Riders might need to fulfill additional legal prerequisites—such as licensing, registration, or insurance—depending on local statutes. These regulations aim to ensure the safe incorporation of S-Pedelecs into traffic and address their capacity for higher speeds, promoting responsible usage of these faster e-bikes.

MANTIS-P6: Max Speed of  34.2 MPH

Introducing the MANTIS-P6 Electric Scooter

The MANTIS-P6 is a groundbreaking innovation in personal mobility, engineered for thrill-seekers and city commuters. Delivering an exhilarating ride while emphasizing safety and convenience, this scooter stands out with its impressive top speed of 34.2 mph, ranking among the fastest in its category.

Key Features

  • Impressive Speed: Reaching a maximum speed of 34.2 mph, offering an efficient and thrilling mode of transportation.
  • Powerful Motor: Fitted with a high-performance 750w hub motor for swift acceleration and conquering inclines effortlessly.
  • Safety Assurance: Advanced braking systems, responsive controls, and excellent stability for safety during high-speed rides.
  • Sleek Design: A sleek, aerodynamic design that's visually striking and efficient in its operation.
  • All-Terrain Riding: 20*4.0" fat tires suitable for various terrains, from snow roads to sand paths.
  • Quick-Removable Battery: Equipped with a high-quality EVE battery and Battery Management System, ensuring stability and a longer lifespan for a safer and more durable performance.

Featuring a robust motor and advanced engineering, it satisfies the need for both speed and style. Whether you're navigating city streets or indulging in a leisurely outing, the MANTIS-P6 ensures an unforgettable riding experience.

Find Your Perfect E-bike and Experience a Green and Thrilling Ride Today!

In summary, the world of e-bikes presents an array of choices tailored to individual preferences and needs. Pedal-Assist E-Bikes (Pedelecs) seamlessly combine traditional cycling with electric support, serving diverse purposes from daily commuting to recreational rides. Throttle-controlled e-bikes offer a convenient, low-effort option, catering to individuals with limited mobility or those seeking motorized assistance for shorter trips. Lastly, Speed Pedelecs (S-Pedelecs) introduce the excitement of higher speeds, making them perfect for extended commutes and fast-paced cycling adventures, albeit with additional regulations and requirements.

The MANTIS-P6, boasting an impressive maximum speed of 34.2 MPH, redefines the standard for electric scooters, delivering an exhilarating and efficient riding experience. These options revolutionize commuting and outdoor pursuits, providing an eco-friendly and efficient mode of transportation.

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