Who is the target market for Ebikes

May 16, 2023

Reference to conventional bicycles,the first thing that comes to mind is the users and uses of traditional bicycles. The majority of riders are 40 to 70 years old, People e bike for many reasons, but mainly for health, transportation or to run errands. In recent years,due to the development of technology, e-bike launched ! At the same time, it is loved by many young people.Most buyers are 25-35 years old,They love sports and have financial strength,Electric bicycles quickly join young people's sports and entertainment projects.


Of course, because everyone has different hobbies,Some young people like short trips between cities,convenient transportation, no longer have to worry about congested roads. Own an electric road bike, Not only save a lot of time for people, but also experience the fun of riding. So it is becoming more and more popular among young people.


There are also some off-road enthusiasts, in addition to traditional bicycles,Electric mountain bikes are also an option, while satisfying the off-road experience, electric fat tire bike can save a lot of time and energy more efficiently.


Before you decide to buy an electric bicycle, do you have the following problems ?

Question: How to carry it when driving?

Answer: Don't worry, the ebike can be folded, The folded size can be placed in the trunk.


Question: What should I do if charging is inconvenient?

Answer: The battery can be easily removed, it is small and does not take up space.


Question: Is it easy to desolder where the frame is welded?

Answer: No!  the frame is magnesium alloy integrated molding ( no welds )


Question: Is it unsafe to drive too fast?

Answer:  No! There are three modes to choose from 15km/h, 20km/h, 25km/h


Question: Is it safe to brake during normal driving?

Answer: At normal speed, this e bike have front and rear disc brake, double security dramatically reduce braking distance, which provide you safer riding.


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